Making locations worldwide more accessible through simple, practical concepts.

We’re building tomorrow's location and navigation ideology today. Nav-Idea helps clients to navigate ideas on the road to successful products, within these markets.


Location 2.0*

New and simplified concept to search and find location details that will change the way we relate to locations.
* Trying to pitch it to microsoft

Product Finder*

Find and compare products and instantly see which local stores near your location sell the products.
* Currently Beta live on the #9 website of the Netherlands:

Road balancing*

Solve traffic jams using technology to balance the traffic load on roads and shorten travelling time for everyone.
* Still in concept

City marketing*

Location based services to publish geographical information from organizations and SME on websites and mobile phones. Promote locations trough user-generated content.
* Live on the Cliptoo platform

Home Fetal Monitoring*

Monitoring of high risk pregnant women in order to provide fast and appropriate care regardless the location of the women. Apart from the advantages for the mother-to-be, it is also very cost-effective for hospitals, insurance companies and society!
* Telenatal foundation implements this solution in Dutch hospitals.

Our concepts are

Simple: A 10-year old should be able understand it. Usable: A 10-year old should be able to use it. Accessible: Everyone should be able to access it, regardless of location or device.
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